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Equalities Objectives

The Public Sector Equalities Duty requires schools to publish eqaulity objectives.  Through their implementation, these objectives aim to reduce or eliminate inequalities for children, parents, members of the school workforce and the community.

The staff and governors of Sexton’s Manor Community Primary School are committed to the principle and practice of equality of opportunity.

We have an inclusive ethos which means all staff, pupils and parents work together to ensure that everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or social background can thrive in our school.

Pupils are taught to respect and celebrate difference and understand that everyone has equal value. Staff model respect and understanding throughout their interactions in school. Empathy and care for others are part of the core values which are evident in our School.

Our Equality Statement establishes the ethos of our curriculum offer. We particularly use our arts curriculum to enrich experience and understanding of other cultures. We value the diversity and children have benefitted from parental contributions to arts and culture throughout the school. We also endeavour to support pupils’ understanding through a broader experience of extra-curricular activities and school visits.Link here to the Public Sector Equality Duty page on the Government website.

Key Documents

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